How do you restart Chrome without loosing your open tabs?

You have probably asked yourself this question more than once. And, in so doing, you may have ended up closing all of your open windows and restarting your browser. But wouldn’t it be better if you could restart Chrome without loosing all of your open windows?

The possible solutions

People who have already tried this first method will know that it is easy to implement. Simply open Chrome’s “Settings” page and navigate to the “On startup” section.

Select the radio button that says “Continue where you left off”. In this way whenever you reopen Chrome, all of the windows and tabs from your previous session will be reopened.

Usually this method ensures that your most recently used tabs are restored. If you want to guarantee that all of the tabs from all of your open windows are restored, be sure to click “Exit” in Chrome’s menu in order to shutdown the program.

Another method is to type “chrome://restart” in the address bar, followed by the Enter key.

The browser will attempt to reload the tabs which are open within the window in which you typed “chrome://restart”. Please note that this option will not work if you have already set-up Google Chrome to “Continue where you left off” in the program’s settings.

A new method

Another method is to right-click on the bookmarks bar and then to select “Add a page” from the menu (see below).


Name the bookmark “Restart Chrome” and type “chrome://restart” in the URL field, then click “Save”.

The “Restart Chrome” bookmark will show up in the bookmark bar.

Now, every time that you click on the “Restart Chrome” bookmark, the browser will close all open tabs and reopen them automatically – immediately after having closed them.

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