Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB Gaming Mouse review

The success that gaming has achieved has proven to be revolutionary for a lot of older PC brands as they noticed that there are demanding costumers on the market willing to pay more in order to get the best product. The star of this review shows that there is room for specialized products beyond marketing and colorful LEDs: we are talking about the Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB.

A lot of customers spend months reviewing and comparing components before switching PCs (if you are currently on this stage, then stay tuned on our guides section), but only a few pay the same attention to peripheral devices, which are essential to achieve an user experience on par with the money they spent.

If you take a look at the market, you will see that there is a big difference in price for products apparently alike. Even in the gaming world, spotting quality peripheral devices, while also knowing to what extent we are going to take advantage of their advanced features, can be complicated.

This Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB comes in a neat packaging along with a short user manual (you can find a better user manual in digital format on the brand’s official website) and a warranty guide. Installing it in Windows 10 is as easy as plugging the device into any USB port, although downloading the official software to use all of the device’s functions is pretty much mandatory.

Inside the Scimitar PRO RGB, we will find a PIXART PMW3367 optical sensor (developed in partnership with Logitech) capable of achieving a 16,400 DPI sensitivity. Of course, we would rarely need more than 4,000 DPI in normal usage, but the maximum range can serve as a reference of this essential component’s quality.

Another important detail is the mouse’s two main buttons, which are manufactured by the Japanese brand OMRON, rated at 20 million clicks. We also like the scroll wheel’s rubber finish, the rubber-grip surface where the side of the hand rests and the balance between the mouse’s size and weight, which is ideal for most of the users.

16.8 million color backlighting possibilities

While the peripheral’s looks are key for many users, what is ‘on the inside’ is more important for others looking for a discreet and elegant appearance. Corsair offers the best of both worlds with its totally customizable RGB backlighting system thanks to a software that has tons of options and that is easy to use.

Beyond the mouse’s ‘cute lights’, the software allows you to program macros and customize each button’s function while also creating different profiles that are easily interchangeable, which is ideal for when we change game genres or for when we use the PC for more than just gaming.


The last few weeks of using the Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB extensively have been enough to verify that it is set apart from the competition. It is a very comfortable mouse designed to be used comfortably for hours, and it can give us a great advantage on some games if we use it correctly.

To make the most of it if we use it a lot, we recommend you having a quality mousepad and doing some maintenance by wiping its base and the surface touched by our fingers with a slightly moistened cloth, which guarantees a perfect long-term performance and avoids dirt accumulation, this type of products’ greatest enemy.

Corsair’s constant updates, above-average build quality and high-end components make this device one of the best options on the market. Its price is around €90 on Amazon, which is a price on par with the quality offered and the competition’s devices.

Definitely, this is an option to bear in mind if you are thinking about belonging to the PC Master Race or if you want to give yourself a treat to significantly enjoy and improve your gaming experience. Totally recommended.

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